Classic Shakshuka

Classic Shakshuka - Spice & Heat pinit

I know most of us have eaten Shakshuka, but do you know what it is? Shakshuka is a classic Middle Eastern dish where eggs are poached in a spice filled tomato stew. It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. The part that gets me even more excited about making my Classic Shakshuka is that it’s a one pan meal which means NO STACK OF DISHES!! I can’t believe that adulting has reached this point. I can’t believe it honestly. It was just the other day that we were care free and now we need to have responsibilities.

Back to the shakshuka….the best part of the shakshuka is the rich tomato base which you get to try out so many different ingredients and textures to find what best suits you. I haven’t experimented too much but I love me some simple yet classic shakshuka. It requires very little effort and just 20 minutes to whip everything up. Nothing is as good as quality meals that take the least time to prep and cook. Especially when you have super busy day. I have those days and I kid you not, this recipe saves me alot.

Classic Shakshuka - Spice & Heat

I learnt this trick from trial and error when making my shakshukas over time. When making a well for the egg using a tomato base, make the tiniest well, if you make it too big, the tomato base will ‘swallow’ the egg. I mean, you should also make your food visually appealing. As much as flavor matters, the visual appeal matters too. What attracts someone to a meal is the visual aspect and it should be taken seriously. Say, you go to a restaurant and the plating is crap, the chances of enjoying the meal are low. If the plating is executed well, the meal will be more enjoyable.

Tip: Use farm fresh ingredients for this recipe. Thank me later.

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 25 mins Servings: 2


Simple one pan Middle Eastern dish that is full of flavor. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!



  1. Heat the pan, add olive oil.

  2. Add the onions and fry until golden brown.

  3. Add garlic and let it brown.

  4. Add the tomatoes, black pepper, cumin, paprika, cayenne, soy sauce and salt. Cover the pan and let the tomatoes stew for 3 minutes.

  5. Add the yellow and red peppers, let them cook for 2 minutes.

  6. Create a well, where the egg should be placed. Crack the egg and carefully, without breaking the yolk, place the yolk in the well.

  7. Cover the pan again and let the egg cook for 3-5 minutes. (Depending on how well done you like your yolk)

  8. Garnish with parsley.

  9. Serve with baguettes/samoon bread.

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