My Story

Hi. I am Claudia Mwikali and welcome to Spice & Heat. Glad that you could stop by 🙂

I have been in love with food since day one but funny enough…I was too lazy to cook. But as years went by, I started learning the basics like boiling rice which was so hard for me back then.

My passion started when I started watching the Food Network. I got inspired by shows such as Master Chef, Siba’s Table, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives just to name a few.

By trial and error, I managed to make so many delicious dishes that I started sharing on my Instagram &Twitter pages which has brought in quite an audience! Honestly, I had no idea cooking would have made such a huge impact in my life!!

Let me not ramble too much but thank you for taking time to visit the site and maybe even try one of my recipes! It would mean so much to me.

Oh…and the genius behind that photo is Mwangi Njuguna. Visit his page some time:)